WordPress Tags & SEO – do you need tags or not?


Every time you post something on WordPress you have the option to categorize and add tags to your post before you click on Publish – the magic button. The question is – do you really need to use WordPress tags?

WordPress Tags – benefits and errors

If you have a large website one of the major benefits of tags is that they can make navigation easier by giving your visitors the option to look for posts related to the same topic/keyword.
Wordpress Tags and SEO are good together only if your tags are relevant by helping search engines to better determine the topics of your post.
In terms of errors, the main error with WordPress tags is tagging stuffing(the same as keyword stuffing). What you should actually ask yourself is: can my post be found by using the other search methods that are already implemented on site using the keyword that I want to use as a tag? If you can’t find it using the navigation bar, the categories or the search bar then YES, you need those WordPress tags. If your post is findable using any of the methods I previously mentioned then don’t use WordPress tags because too many navigation solutions will overwhelm your visitors and it will be nothing but a waste of time for you.

Blogging frequency – how often should you blog?

how-often-do-you-blogWhen you think about recommended blogging frequency, you should consider three perspectives:
1. how often would the search engines prefer for me to post in order to achieve my goals?
2. how often would my subscribers like to read blog articles from me?
3. how is my scheduled blogging frequency meeting my goals?

If you want to make a career out of blogging, then publishing every day or several times in a day is fine. If you have a business to take care of and time is very important for you, then I recommend to adjust your blogging frequency by the type of business you are promoting.